The Blueprints

Our talented architects will tailor your dream, project in harmony with our creative designer and experienced engineers to deliver that detailed final product done by our high skilled professionals.

All ideas are creative and always challenging, that's why for a general contractor is always a challenge to bring those ideas to reality, in the construction field these ideas need to become supported and studied by several skilled professionals from different trends, just to mention some of those who are essential keys for any construction project, a good designer needs an open communication with the architect always supervised for a structural engineer to tackle any challenge on a project, this communication will be the key of a flawless project. Of course these three professionals aren't the only keys for a successful project, there are other departments that needs to be addressed by other skilled professionals like HVAC Mechanics, Electricians, Plumbers and an efficient Production Department. Like we mentioned before... all ideas have a beautiful dream behind, but to make these dreams come true, you will need all this genius in the bottle to deliver these dreams to reality.

Uncomfortable Situations

Over my 14 years of experience in the constructions filed I have faced situations where home owners have seen ideas on TV shows or magazines, architects with beautiful drawing ideas and interior designer with impressive ideas to perform on projects where I was hired as a General Contractor and at the time to execute this ideas to our projects, we experienced several challenges and problems for lack of knowledge and miscommunication with the contractor or engineers before they portray an idea on a blue print or a piece of paper, it have been several issues with mechanical duct work, plumbing, electrical and structural situations where we have been obligated to change the plans or spend considerable amount of money to make changes and deliver the original plans with lack of proper planification.

Get Inspired but always know your limits.

Is always good to get inspired for ideas, dreams or new styles but always consult a professional to explore your limits, every project has a limit when you face structure or hidden obstacles inside your walls or sub-floors, this is why communication is the key for every single project.

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